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The Liebster Award #3

Song for the day:  Run The World by Beyoncé

Because you know it.  And it’s only Sossi and I in the house now because The Dick left at approximately 10:10 this morning.  Hallelujah.


The lovely Jade at Wing It With Jade nominated me for my 3rd Liebster Award!  Go check her out because she’s lovely 🙂 Also her blog is awesome and has made me spend too much money.  Did I mention she’s lovely?  (Thanks honeybee!)

What the Liebster Award stands for:

  • The Liebster award was created to recognise new bloggers and reward writing talent.
  • The award has German origins and the word “Liebster” has several meanings including: sweetest, dearest, kindest, nicest, beloved & lovely.
  • The award follows similar principles of a chain letter in the sense that when one blogger receives a nomination she/he must thank the blogger who nominated them then pass on the award to other bloggers who they admire.
  • The blogger who nominated you will have answered a set of questions about themselves & then they will choose their own set of questions for their nominees to answer.
  • The new nominees must then answer the questions set for them by the blogger who nominated them, created their own questions and nominate other bloggers.
  • Bloggers that get nominated are generally newer bloggers that have a following of less than 3,000 followers.

The Liebster Award | Katastrophique

The rules of the Liebster award are:

1: Mention the blogger who tagged you and thank them.

2: Answer the 11 questions you’ve been asked by the blogger

3: Nominate 11 bloggers

4: Give them 11 questions to answer.

5: Notify your nominees on Twitter.

So, Jade’s questions for me are:

1. What is your favourite part about blogging?
The Girl Gang

I cannot say this enough, but the blogging community is the best!  Especially The Girl Gang – that chat/community is amazing and Jemma is incredible!  Interacting with them is my favourite part.

2. Favourite Harry Potter character.
HOW THE HELL AM I MEANT TO CHOOSE ONE JADE?  HOW?  I HAVE ABOUT 20 FAVOURITE CHARACTERS!!!  Ok.  I choose Fred and George (they’re a package deal).  And McGonagall.  And Ginny.  And Lupin.  And Katie Bell.  And Dean Thomas and and and and

3. Your last completed book.
The Last Book I Read

My last completed book was  Le Renard de Morlange by Alain Surget.  I’m translating it for an essay; it’s a French fairy tale about an evil duke who gets turned into a fox until he repents.

4. What is your biggest achievement of 2016 so far?
Managing to get Beyoncé tickets probably!  I haven’t really done a lot this year…

5. Who is your beauty/ style inspo at the moment?
My style icon
Zooey Deschanel for EVERYTHING!

6. If you could take one blogger on an all expense paid holiday who would you take and why?
beach holiday!!
Would it be cheating to say Bekkah?  Road trip baby

7. What is your favourite décor item in your house?

<insert picture here>

My favourite piece of décor is at home home, not uni, so I can’t take a photo of it until later, but it’s a vase in the shape of a woman’s head that I got when we were clearing out my grandma’s house.  I’ve always loved it!

8. What inspired you to start your blog?
I started my blog because I got accepted into my MA program and I wanted to document my mental health journey through the process.

9. What advice would you give your teenage self?
Get your anti-depressants now and not when you’re 20.  It will make things a bit easier.  Also that girl who makes you feel like utter shit?  Dump her ass.  She is not a good friend.

10. Best Netflix season at the moment.

DAREDEVIL.  IT’S SO GOOD!!!  I can’t wait for Jessica Jones and OITNB to come back either.

11. What is your all time favourite quote?

Le petit prince, quote, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In handy phone background size

I want it tattooed at some point.

ANYWAY. I’m only going to nominate 3 bloggers, and they are:

and here are your questions!

1: What song do you associate with your best memory?

2: If you could take one book to a desert island, what would it be?

3: Would you rather lose smell or taste?

4: Why did you start blogging?

5: Do you think social media is essential for blogging?  Why?

6: You have a 10 piece capsule wardrobe.  What’s in it?

7: Which elemental power (fire, water, air or earth) would you rather have and why?

8: If you were to change your blog title, what would it be to?

9: What’s your go-to party drink (alcohols or not)?

10: You have to blow £1000 in one shop.  Which one and why?

11: What is the best thing you did this week?

(I am terrible at thinking of questions, sorry!)


Have you signed up to the Nice Message Chain yet?  Do so here.

Hope you’re all ok out there!


One thought on “The Liebster Award #3

  1. wingitwithjade says:

    Omg Katie you are so adorable! I honestly only have nice things to say about you and your blog, you lovely thing you!! 🙂 ❤ 1. Totally agree on TheGirlGang! It's such a positive space and I have met so many lovely people through it! 2. Yeah, this question was a bit mean I'm sorry!! – I don't think I would have been able to answer it myself! haha! 4. I'M SO JEALOUSSSSSS!!!!!! 10. I need to get into Daredevil and Jessica Jones… but omg YES to OITNB!!! Too excited.
    Thank you so so much for taking part and I can't wait to see more from you on here! Keep up the good work, and continue to show your personality through your posts – I love it!! ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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