My May Goals Revisited |

My May Goals Revisited

Song for the day: A Change of Heart by The 1975 This album, man.  I was walking home from uni to clear my head (it's like a 45 minute walk) listening to this, and I genuinely felt lighter. So, as you might remember, I started this month off with 8 goals in mind.  This post … Continue reading My May Goals Revisited

Lush Cup O'Coffee Face Mask: A Review |

Lush Cup O’Coffee Face Mask: A Review

Song of the day: Hurricane by Halsey Because this song, man.  This entire ALBUM.  It will forever remind me of the first semester of my MA because it was all I listened to. ANYWAY.  Hi guys... Yeah, I know.  I'm doing a shit job of blogging.  I'm neck-deep in my dissertation now, so it's only … Continue reading Lush Cup O’Coffee Face Mask: A Review

Why I’ve Been AWOL Lately

Song for the day - Car Radio by twenty one pilots  Because this song sums it all up. I know, I know.  I said I'd post now that the deadlines are over, and I haven't.  I said I'd join in with chats again now that the deadlines are over, and I haven't.  I am a terrible … Continue reading Why I’ve Been AWOL Lately

My May Goals | katastrophique

My Goals for May

Song for the day: 6 Inch by Beyoncé ft The Weeknd The newest addition to my "get shit done" playlist y'all So I've been kind of quiet lately, and I'm very sorry for that.  I have had essay deadlines that have taken all my time and energy and I just can't find time to blog! … Continue reading My Goals for May