My May Goals | katastrophique

My Goals for May

My goals for May | katastrophique

Song for the day: 6 Inch by Beyoncé ft The Weeknd

The newest addition to my “get shit done” playlist y’all

So I’ve been kind of quiet lately, and I’m very sorry for that.  I have had essay deadlines that have taken all my time and energy and I just can’t find time to blog!  I came home this weekend for my Grandad’s birthday, and made time for meals and Captain America, but other than that I was writing.  I also made my gdad’s birthday cake so that was also a break, but even when my Aunty came round for wine and films I was essay writing.  Ah, masters life.

Anyway, I’m writing this on the train back.  I bought a lovely smoothie for the journey but I just opened it and it’s gone off!  Devastated is not the word.

ANYWAY.  My deadline is on Thursday, so once I get that out the way I have been ordered to have time off before properly starting my diss – my supervisor has actually scheduled it in my schedule! (Have I mentioned how much I love my diss supervisor?  She is incredible.). Therefore I will have lots of spare time to chill and basically do nothing except for my MAY GOALS!  Yay!

My goals for May | katastrophique


  1. Get back into the swing of blogging. image I have been seriously neglecting you lot lately! I’ve missed so many chats, and most of my tweets have been sent out by buffer – not to mention the blog in general has been silent!  I need to get a few ideas generated and sent off into the ether.
  2. Do a trip to Lush.beach holiday!!  I have been envying everyone’s hauls lately, especially as my uni house doesn’t have a bath, just a shower!  I have a load of lovely body shop chocolate bodywash to use up, but I’m going to buy a face mask or 2 and treat myself (treat yo’self 2011).  The coffee one smells delish!
  3. Get my diet on track. image
    My mental health has been utterly shit at uni, and so I’ve done a lot of comfort eating.  As a result of that and my meds I’ve gone up two dress sizes, and that needs to stop right now.  Porridge for dinner here I come!
  4. Start running again.  imageI say this every summer, but this time I’m not going to stop as soon as I finish ct5k.  I always finish the program and then move somewhere and not start again.  NOT THIS TIME.
  5. Start translating my book for my diss.  The Last Book I ReadBecause I can’t just not do anything towards it or else I’ll go crazy with anxiety.  I’m gonna give myself a week off though!
  6. Buy a load of stuff for the house.tumblr_mk742su3xM1rvdee4o1_500  I have a wilkos shopping list drawn up for a proper spring clean now that the dick’s left.
  7. Write!computing  I have been writing odd lines here and there but I can’t wait to not be too stressed/busy to write.
  8. Spend some time with my Sims.  imageSomeone else I’ve been neglecting lately. I cannot wait to just waste a day playing God!

What are your goals for May?  One of them should be to join the Nice Message Chain if you haven’t already!  It’s doing good things!

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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