Lush Cup O'Coffee Face Mask: A Review |

Lush Cup O’Coffee Face Mask: A Review

Lush Cup O'Coffee Face Mask: A Review |

Song of the day: Hurricane by Halsey

Because this song, man.  This entire ALBUM.  It will forever remind me of the first semester of my MA because it was all I listened to.

ANYWAY.  Hi guys…

Yeah, I know.  I’m doing a shit job of blogging.  I’m neck-deep in my dissertation now, so it’s only going to get worse from here!  Sorry…

So, to tide you over, I decided to do a review of the Lush face mask I picked up the other week.

It’s called Cup O’Coffee and it’s freaking awesome.

Ok, Leslie Knope moment over…

Anyway.  It looks a bit like mud and smells like breakfast, but it’s glorious.  It has actual coffee grounds in it, which really exfoliate your skin leaving it super soft and feeling fresh.  The coffee purports to wake you up, and it really does!  My skin is still buzzing and I took it off twenty minutes ago (note, this is the fourth time I’ve used it in the past fortnight, but control test etc).

A little bit goes a long way, and the gloopy texture really helps with this. I use about twice as much as I put on my hand to show you all (which is a scoop of about two fingers’ worth, but the picture I took looked very dodgy indeed so I decided not to use that one ssshhhh).  The only thing about the gloop is that it’s a pain to get off after fifteen-twenty minutes.  Sadly, this mask does not make for a swamp-creature-esque imprint of your face that you can peel off and marvel at.  It took a fair bit of scrubbing with a hot flannel to remove, and even then there are still bits of coffee ground stuck to my face!  The good news is that this scrubbing is great for extra exfoliation, and my face feels genuinely clean afterwards.  PLUS natural coffee grounds are way better for the environment that the little plastic balls you get in most exfoliation products!  You can always count on Lush 😉

I got the little pot for £6.75, and I can tell that it’s going to last a while  Thank God, because so is my dissertation…

(btw, I bought this myself, and I’m not getting anything for my opinion)

What do I have to catch you up on other than STRESS STRESS STRESS?

I had a great time at Eurovision with my old housemates!  It’s a little tradition of ours, and it was so lovely to see them!  I made fridge cake to take (I updated the photos), only I made two with gluten free chocolate chip cookies and sandwiched them together with Nutella (all other ingredients in the cake are aleady GF) My God it was good.  We stopped one night at my housemate’s, then one of them stopped with me the following night.  We sang along to Grease Live, killed spiders, and generally bitched about WHY DID WE DO TRANSLATION MAs WE’RE MENTAL.  And then it was back to stress.

I have literally done nothing else except stress and translate and stress, you guys! My mum and aunties are coming over next weekend, so I’m going to write as much of my diss as I can before then. I might even queue another post…

ALSO it’s my first blogiversary soon, and I’m going to do a giveaway, so watch out for that!

ALSO ALSO, have you joined the Nice Message Chain yet?  It’s doing great things!  I’ve made a pinboard for it now, so if you’re in the chain, you’re on the board!

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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