Word Chatter Soy Wax Melts!

Eroica Britannia aka I Bought More Candles

Word Chatter Soy Wax Melts!

Song for the day:  You’ve Got Time by Regina Spektor.

Because ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS BACK GUYS.  Although I read a spoiler and I am now in two minds as to whether I want to watch the rest of the new series but still.

So I fell off the blogging bandwagon again, and I’m sorry.  My dissertation is seriously kicking my ass and I have no energy for much more atm.  I’m currently at home for the week because it was my dad’s birthday yesterday (cake recipe coming later this week!).  I was originally only going to stay for the weekend, but my postal vote hadn’t arrived when I bought my tickets, so I decided to stay so I could vote.  Then of course it arrived the day before I came home.  Typical.  (psssst vote to remain UK people).

ANYWAY I’m rambling again.

On Saturday I went to the Eroica Britannia festival with my parents and some family friends.  The Eroica Britannia is where avid bike riders compete in races on vintage bikes, which isn’t really my thing, but there is a festival in Bakewell (Derbyshire) where there’s lots of vintage clothing and alcohol.  What, I like 50s dresses and beer ok?  I’m a simple girl from the Peak District, what do you expect?

ANYWAY, last year I managed to stick to buying sunglasses, but this year there was a Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair tent with a few candle stalls inside.  One of these stalls was the wonderful Word Chatter.  I forgot to get a photo of the stall itself, but it was absolutely loaded with soy candles, wax melts and reed diffusers in multiple different scents.  They all smelt so good!   Sadly I am an MA student and so I had to restrict myself to two packets of wax melts.

Word Chatter Soy Wax Melts

Sorry about the rubbish photo btw; my foam board is at uni 😦  My double bed is here though, so who’s the real winner here?

Anyway, I decided on the Caramel Latte and Thai Lime and Mango scents.  The Caramel Latte one smells like being wrapped up in a massive soft hug, and Thai Lime and Mango is super refreshing, so it’s the best of both worlds.

A square just fits in my adorable little owl oil burner, and melts down so quickly, but the wax pool lasts for ages and the scent is gorgeous!  It’s not overpowering at all, and makes the house smell so good!  I might have to order a few more…  I’m thinking my uni room needs a caramel latter reed diffuser 😉

Remember to enter my blogiversary giveaway!  It ends on the 30th June 😉

Hope you’re all ok out there!





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