July Goals Revisited

July Goals Revisited

Song of the day: Yorktown from the Hamilton Soundtrack. Because it's kind of unpatriotic seeing as it's about Britain's defeat but my God is it rousing and motivating! *peeks out from behind pillow* hi guys!  I'm doing really badly at this aren't I. BLAME IT ON THE DISSERTATION (not the sunshine or moonlight.  Or boogie.) … Continue reading July Goals Revisited

What I’m Pinning Wednesday

  Song of the day: Bury It - CHVRCHES ft Hayley Williams Because I love CHVRCHES and I love Hayley, so when I heard they were doing a song together I was so excited! And the song is of course amazing and the video is too 🙂 I just got in from a 7 hour … Continue reading What I’m Pinning Wednesday

Katastrophique's July Goals

My July Goals

Song for the day: Love On Top by BeyoncĂ©. Because she performed this acoustically at Wembley the other night and it was SO ELECTRIFYING YES QUEEN So yeah, if you're following me on Instagram and Twitter, you'll know that I saw BeyoncĂ© at the weekend with my friends from my year abroad.  It was seriously … Continue reading My July Goals