What I’m Pinning Wednesday


Song of the day: Bury It – CHVRCHES ft Hayley Williams

Because I love CHVRCHES and I love Hayley, so when I heard they were doing a song together I was so excited! And the song is of course amazing and the video is too 🙂

I just got in from a 7 hour stint in the library, and if anyone mentions the word “Cerberus” around me again tonight I might scream.  I have no energy so I kind of flopped down with some Morcia fanfiction and died quietly in a corner (my anxiety is shit lately).

I got invited to my first hen do today! It’s so exciting and terrifying and exciting!  People are getting engaged and married and pregnant left right and centre, and I am yet to even have a boyfriend.  Such is my life.  I am doomed to have experiences like the one I blogged about last week 😦

So, I realised its been a while since I caught you guys up with what sort of direction my Pinterest has been taking lately, so I’m bringing back this segment 🙂

Here are 5 things I’ve pinned lately 🙂

1) This makeup look

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

I just love the eyeshadow, and talk about eyebrow goals! I’m stocking up on the new Benefit range asap because the freebies have been AMAZING (especially the gels) to pair with my Naked 2 palette and try and recreate this on my face.  Pin it here.

2) This hairstyle

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

It’s so pretty, especially with the ombré tones running through the plaits.  Maybe I’ll try it for the hen do – although I’m yet to master the neat boxer braid look so maybe not… Pin it here.

3) This outfit

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

I love everything about this casual look, from the red accents to the comfy slip-ons.  I just need to be confident enough to wear a white t-shirt and then this is my wardrobe sussed for post-postgrad life!  Pin it here.

4) This recipe


Because it looks SO GOOD, especially on the recipe video.  Tasty and videos like that will be the death of me, I swear.  I want to try this just with caprese ingredients too!   Pin it here.

5) This piece of blogger heaven.

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

I need this.  In fact, I’m eyeing up the fairy lights on my mantelpiece and working out where to get the terrarium bit as we speak.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  Pin it here.

What have you been pinning lately?  You can follow me on Pinterest here.  The Nice Message Chain now has its own board, so if you’re a member, you will be pinned on it.

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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