July Goals Revisited

July Goals Revisited

Song of the day: Yorktown from the Hamilton Soundtrack.

Because it’s kind of unpatriotic seeing as it’s about Britain’s defeat but my God is it rousing and motivating!

*peeks out from behind pillow* hi guys!  I’m doing really badly at this aren’t I.

BLAME IT ON THE DISSERTATION (not the sunshine or moonlight.  Or boogie.)

I’m writing this with my eyes half closed because it’s been a hell of a day.  I went on a spontaneous weekend away with a couple of friends, but thanks to a complete dick who spiked my friend’s drink, I spent from 3-9am this morning in ambulances, A&E, and the company of paramedics.  Exciting stuff to say the least.  @ people who spike girls’ drinks with ecstasy, know that you are the scummiest of scum.  To put it politely.  (Worse words were used in the ambulance as we tried to stop my friend passing out and choking on her own blood.  But that’s enough about that.)

SO, as you may remember, right back at the beginning of July I wrote 5 goals for this month. Here’s how I did…

1. Be at least 80% done with my dissertation. Yes.

I have 20k words written! This means I have MET THE WORD COUNT! And I’m going to have to go up to 22K because I’m not actually finished going on about translating mythology in YA literature.  Who knew? (It also turns out you can get a lot of work done when you’re in the library blasting the Hamilton soundtrack…)

2.  Eat healthily. Kinda

If breaking down and basically eating cheesy mash for tea one week can be exempt from my record please. What can I say, sometimes you just need comfort food!  I also managed to stab myself THROUGH a sweet potato so that put a downer on the whole healthy eating thing.  I did, however, not buy ice cream for nearly a whole month, but I had a shit mental health day week so whoops.

3.  Log my food and drink on MyFitnessPal every day. YES

I have logged every meal on MFP this month!  I have only missed off the odd bottle glass of wine, which I think I can keep as my guilty secret.  Plus I love seeing how replacing pasta with courgetti once every few days takes my calorie count right down! ALSO, walking for miles chasing Pokémon is doing wonders.  Seriously.

4.  Be more active on Twitter again. Kinda.

I have tweeted a bit more this month.  Somehow there are 1000+ of you interested in what I have to ramble about, so thank you so much!  However, the diss is taking its toll, and so most of my attention is on that. Note to self: work out why buffer has stopped telling me that my queue is empty.  That’s getting annoying now.

5.  Write. Kinda.

I’ve done a bit of free-writing and fic-writing lately, but I feel really guilty when I’m not working on my diss.  Deadline is in one month though!  Gonna up my game after that.  I might do NaNoWriMo, not decided yet!

How did you guys do with your goals?

Hope you’re all ok out there!




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