Foodie Fridays: Chocolate Zebra Cake

Song for the day: Sorry by Beyoncé

Because it’s one you can sassy hairbrush-sing to in the mirror and pretend that you’re badass for a second.


21,673 words of dissertation done and handed in. Several bottles of prosecco down. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m meant to be doing something though! So I’ve redownloaded Sims again and am trying to build my dynasty back up. My housemate is storming round the house slamming every door in sight, so it’s also a good distraction.

Anyway, I’m still stressed from several panic attacks, so I went home for bank holiday weekend. It sounds pathetic seeing as I’m going home for good this weekend, and with it being 4 days pre-deadline, but honestly I don’t know if I would have coped. I was already breaking down and it would have ended badly.

Anyway, when I was sorting out the details with my parents (10pm phone call, 5:50am train), my dad asked if I would be making a cake. I took that as an excuse and ran with it! I scrolled down my  Pinterest board and came across this super pretty cake. I just had to give it a try!

I made it into a double-layer cake and smothered in Greek yogurt icing. It was LOVELY.

Sadly, I forgot to get a picture of a solitary slice, but thankfully my dad tweeted a picture before I’d even started cutting the second piece! Apparently it’s Bake Off standard.

So, according to the recipe, you will need

  • 290g plain flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1tbsp baking powder
  • 1tsp salt
  • 125ml vegetable oil
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • 3tbsp cocoa powder
  • 245g thick Greek yogurt 
  • And an oven preheated to 175C
  1. Cream the oil and sugar with the eggs until pale and fluffy. Add the vanilla.
  2. Alternate adding sifted flour and yogurt, and mix well. Be careful not to over-mix, otherwise that fluffiness will not last!
  3. Divide the mixture between two bowls. Sift the cocoa into one bowl. The mixes need to have the same consistency, so if the vanilla is too runny, add small amounts of flour.
  4. Now for the fun part! Grease and line two 6-7 inch cake pans. That’s not the fun part. Next, take tablespoons of each batter, and alternate pooling them in the centre of each pan. Keep putting them in the exact centre of each pan so that it spreads out in layers. If you want thicker stripes, use extra tablespoons.
  5. Bake for around 40 mins until a skewer comes out clean.

Now for the icing. You will need:

  • 115g unsalted butter
  • 360g icing sugar
  • 96g cocoa powder 
  • 3 tablespoons thick Greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons single cream
  • 1/2tsp salt
  1. Sift the icing sugar, salt, and cocoa powder together and whip with the butter.
  2. Slowly add the cream and yogurt, and mix to create a fluffy frosting.
  3. Sandwich the cake halves together and use the rest of the icing to cover the top and sides. Decorate however you want.
  4. Devour.

Anyway, more prosecco is calling my name, so byeee!

Hope you’re all ok out there!


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