An Instagram Theme That Works for Me

Song for the day: Lived A Lie by You Me At Six

Because I’m seeing them for the 8th time next week on nearly the 8th anniversary of the first time back in ’08, so it’s special to me.


Bit of a weird one this week because I keep wanting to do an Autumn wish list but I’ll want to buy everything on it. I have limited myself to buying this shirt until I have money and or lose half my body weight. But seriously this shirt is gorgeous guys. ALSO so many people have done gorgeous wishlists lately (including the lovely Jade) so really I’m just looking after your wallets 😉

Plus I need to save up because I just found out I landed work experience for my dream job down in London, so y’know, one shift in the café will pay for one flat white – and I need my flat whites!

ANYWAY, instead I thought I’d talk about my Instagram theme…

As you can see, it’s nothing like the pale, H-filter-on-VSCO feeds that are covering my feed (can I live in Imii’s insta please? Or Katy’s?), nor is it the dream-life (Amy’s life is goals). It’s eclectic and messy and me.

I tried to keep personal and blogging separate, guys, I really did. katastrophiqueblog has about 3 photos on it because I really cba to switch accounts every two seconds, or unfollow to refollow or whatever. But blogging is part of my life, so why should I not document it all?

I still wanted a theme though. I read somewhere that a theme might only include a stark white flatlay every few photos to keep it in check, but my flatlays  need improvement to say the least. That’s when I had the idea to write a quote on every 3rd photo. This means that my feed is kind of unified, but it can be messy and eclectic too. I’ve managed to keep to it since April, which I’m pleased about!

As for editing, this is all I use: 

I love reading posts about how people edit their feeds, and some of it is so meticulous. Mine is so basic (and half-assed tbh). I use the camera app on square to take my shot (although full-screen is good because you can play with the framing), then possibly the iOS chrome filter. I will admit to using the H filter in VSCO on occasion! Mostly I use it to edit my photo once it’s been through whitening and smoothing on Facetune (patch if it’s needed). I use Rhonna for my quotes and cover images, and that’s it. Done. Then it’s just down to my sometimes-trusty note full of hashtags and I’m off.

But let’s face it – I’m never going to beat the absolute perfection that is @hotdudesandhummus

How do you guys do your instas?

Hope you’re ok out there!


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