Why I Made A Bucketlist

Why I Made A Bucketlist | katastrophique.com
Song for the day:  Freddy My Love – Keke Palmer, Grease:Live.

(Yes, I’m still very much obsessed with that show! And Marty’s outfit changes in this scene.)

Sadly I have been very much living the student life this week, so no Foodie Fridays (again.  I’m sorry!!)  I haven’t been up to much since Wednesday’s post, but I have been doing well with my Lent resolutions! (I know we’re only two days in, shhhhhh…)  I had an interesting workshop all about translating children’s literature, which was fascinating.  Other than that, I have been drinking hot chocolate like my life depends on it (along with the odd G&T) and waiting for my lovely housemate from my undergrad to whisk me away for a quiz night later.  I cannot wait to get out of this little bubble that I’ve been stuck in!

Anyway, today I thought I’d talk about my bucketlist.

Why did I make a bucketlist?  My mum says it’s something pretty morbid to have and puts it down to my obsession with lists and schedules – a kind of “this is what I will accomplish before I die” sort of thing.

In a way, she’s right.

I started the journal in the pictures to document my journey into adulthood, having bought it in the September of my Freshers year, 5 years ago.  Here I am in my Masters year, and I completely forgot about it from my 4th year onwards (I think I was in one of my “too depressed/no energy to write” phases), but I still wrote down everything I wanted to do as an adult inside it.  I kinda saw it as a “what sort of adult do I want to be?” instruction manual.

This led to me writing down silly and serious things in the back as a checklist:

As you can see, a lot of my bucketlist is about travelling!  I really want to see all the wonders of the world and then some.  I want to learn about all the cultures, all the languages, I want to sit beside Victoria Falls and write poetry, I want to sit under the cherry trees in Japan and write prose…  There is so much I want to do with my life.

Writing it down in a checklist helps me to focus on these dreams, and when I strike something off the list I feel like I have really accomplished something.  That is why I have a bucketlist.

What’s on yours?

Hope everyone’s ok out there!


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