Put Your Stamp on Your Room with Printiki*

Put Your Stamp On Your Room | katastrophique.com

Song for the day: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Because writing this post brought back memories of Barcelona with the girls, and this song was blasting from our taxi when we arrived and it just makes me think of fun in the sun. Which is something I sorely need right now.

So, anyone that knows me will know (and despair of) how much I love documenting my life through photos. I’m that annoying friend with a camera on a night out, and I stretched to buying a selfie stick to get that exact angle (note to self: find my selfie stick).

I have folders and scrapbooks dedicated to my years at school, at uni, my year abroad, all patched together with cute anecdotes and witty captions. I just love having a visual diary of what I’ve done and with whom. 

So, when Printiki asked me if I wanted to check out their range of prints, I was in straight away! 

Put Your Stamp On Your Room | katastrophique.com
I ordered 30 Polaroid-style prints. This was partly because of the whole witty-caption thing, but because I wanted to extend my visual diary to my room, I wanted to run with the vintage theme of memories. I wanted to put my friends and family and fun times all over my (fairly plain after the redecorating) room! 

Put Your Stamp on Your Room | katastrophique.com

Opening parcels like this is so exciting!

I picked out the memories I wanted to keep near me – graduating with my housemates, snaps from Barcelona etc – and waited for the post to arrive (which wasn’t long at all!).

I found some cute little pegs in my scrapbook box (wait, I have a scrapbook box? Just call me Leslie Knope. (Seriously, I am the least crafty person on earth, but scrapbooks do something for me)) and some yarn, and got to work on the side of my wardrobe. 

One of my favourite things is deciding what to caption my Printiki prints. Some of them come easily – “me and grandma”, for example, but others are quotes from that day, or witty puns on whatever we were doing. 

Because it’s a mismatch of memories, I wasn’t too concerned about straight lines. I myself am not into straight lines most of the time anyway – it’s my personal space, my personal showcase. If you’re decorating your dorm, for example, it’s so nice to add your twist on it to make it feel like home!

You could of course make patterns on your wall, create a story – you don’t have to use string, just good old fashioned blutack. Printiki’s insta has so many good ideas if you’re looking for inspiration!

Put Your Stamp on Your Room | Katastrophique.Com

I particularly love the wallpaper idea. In fact, I might have to do my whole wardrobe like this eventually! But for now, I am so happy with the way my memory wall has turned out!
Put Your Stamp on Your Room | katastrophique.com
Let me know if you make your own memory wall – I’d love to see it!

*the lovely people at Printiki sent me 30 free prints to show you guys on here! I’m not making any money. 


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