Foodie Fridays: Chocolate Zebra Cake

Song for the day: Sorry by Beyoncé Because it's one you can sassy hairbrush-sing to in the mirror and pretend that you're badass for a second. ...Guess what? I FINISHED MY MASTERS! 21,673 words of dissertation done and handed in. Several bottles of prosecco down. I can't shake the feeling that I'm meant to be … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Chocolate Zebra Cake

Malteser Cake!

Foodie Fridays: Malteser Cake

Song for the day: High Lonesome - The Gaslight Anthem Because it's not very often that I get to introduce my Dad to new bands.  These guys are a modern Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and I hope they come off hiatus soon.  They also remind me of my housemate from 4th year … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Malteser Cake

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Foodie Fridays: Boozy Gin and Lemon Cake

Song for the day: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande Because that song has blown me out the water.  *fans self* HI GUYS!  We've got through the 31 Day Blogging Challenge and we're out the other side! Phew 🙂  Back to your irregularly scheduled blogging!  Also it's April Fool's day.  Hope no-one got tricked too badly!  ALSO … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Boozy Gin and Lemon Cake

Foodie Fridays: Forest Fruits Cupcakes

Song for the day: Irresistible by Fall Out Boy ft Demi Lovato Because my boys + I was listening to this song when I was baking so Yeah I've been baking again!  I've come home for the weekend because I've been so stressed out and anxious and I just need to chill for a bit. … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Forest Fruits Cupcakes

Foodie Fridays: Chocolate Banana Muffins

So I did a bit of last-minute baking before I came back to uni.  As I mentioned in my Six Steps to Stability, baking is one of my go-to activities when I'm feeling down, so I made my way into the pantry and tried to decide what to make.   I had intended to make … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Chocolate Banana Muffins

Foodie Fridays: Warming Root Veg and Chorizo Soup!

Wednesday's post about #31HappyDays was my 50th! I'm so proud of myself for keeping it up. My last FF before I go back to uni on Sunday!  Cannot wait to have no nice food again - I've set myself a challenge as part of my resolution to lose what I like to call "a fuck … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Warming Root Veg and Chorizo Soup!

Christmas Baking |

Christmas Baking

Song for the day: Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid. because tune. So I had meant to post this at about 2o'clock but apparently baking and wine came first.  Then the annual town carol service then more wine. This year even more hilarity was added to the concert because of a tumblr post … Continue reading Christmas Baking

Foodie Fridays: Grantham Gingers

Foodie Saturdays this week! So after a little scare this morning, I decided to rearrange my schedule (!) and do some baking earlier in the week than planned to calm down. Back into mum's recipe book we delve to get her childhood bake on!  This book has 3 recipes for ginger biscuits and the resulting … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Grantham Gingers

Foodie Fridays: Give It A Go

So today marks the end of my first semester of my MA.  Can you believe how fast it's gone since my first post stressing about it?? Me neither  So today I sent in my 5000 word essay on scripture translation.  It is a terrible essay but there wasn't anything else I could do to it … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Give It A Go

Foodie Fridays: Sausage and Bacon Hash

Today has been a rollercoaster.  I had a v important meeting at 10, so I caught the bus to uni at 9:10 this morning.   It then turned out that there was an accident on the road ahead, so the bus still hadn't left the stop 15 mins later!  I had to run to another … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Sausage and Bacon Hash